Poly Asylum On-Playa Events

located on Edelweiss at 7:45


The Poly Doctors Are In!
Polyamory drama got you down? Feeling a bit weird after that threesome? Upset that your partner got snuggly while you were building art? Come get checked out by the Poly Doctors! Our experienced staff will take your nonmonogamy temperature and dole out advice for a healthy playamorous experience. The Poly Doctors are definitely on shift 12-5pm, but are also available any time people are in camp - feel free to stop by outside our office hours, day or night.

Dealing With Jealousy, Monday 2-4pm
Do you want to be in open relationships but are worried you'll freak out if your lover gets another lover? Are you already nonmonogamous but having problems with intractable jealousy? If you want to be successful in nonmonogamy, it is important to de-fang the little green monster. Come listen to our jealousy experts as they hold forth on how to get over or at least sneak past jealousy. This workshop is targeted at nonmonogamous people, but monogamous people dealing with jealousy issues will also find it very useful.

Introverts and Polyamory, Tuesday 2-4pm
Polyamory can open up a whole new world of dating possibilities. For the introverted and shy however, it can open up a whole new world of dating nightmares. In this workshop we will tackle some of the challenges of entering, or re-entering the dating field, handling dating roles, and imbalances. Find and embrace your local poly community, deal with social awkwardness, and learn to love your awesome self. We will have a few speakers who can share their experiences, perspectives, and stories on how they have been able to balance being introverted, and meeting new people in the polyamory community.

Happy Insanity Hour, Tuesday 7-10pm
Over at the Asylum, the inmates have tied up the doctors and raided the liquor cabinet! Come drink promiscuously with the friendly nonmonogamous denizens of Poly Asylum, who will be serving up drinks!

Sex Parties 101, Wednesday 12-2pm
Don't call it an orgy! People can bring wacky and incorrect assumptions to sex and play parties, and these parties have their own particular expectations and rules, which take some time to learn. Whether you've never been at all, or have been to many events like this, come talk to folks who both attend and put on sexy parties. Get the details on how to not only survive but have a great time at events where people get it on - or even how to hold them!

Monopoly! Mixed Relationship Style Partnerships, Wednesday 2-4pm
In a relationship where one wants to be poly & the other does not? Can it work? Join the Asylum & learn how to have successful mono/poly relationships.

Ending Gender Oppression Through Polyamory, Thursday 12-2pm
Sick of "men are from mars, women are from venus?" Come discuss how gender stereotypes keeps us from loving each other more, and how loving each other more can help us transcend gender roles.

Nonmonogamy and Parenting, Thursday 2-4pm
Can you raise children and step out at the same time? How do you make it to dates or play parties while still getting time with the kids? When do you tell them about your nonmonogamy? Come talk to our poly parents at the Asylum and hear how they have managed to have it all.

Nurturing Secondary and Play Buddy Relationships, Friday 2-4pm
Lots of nonmonogamous folks want to have less-involved relationships, but they lack an instruction manual! People discover that they are horrible at hookups and they suck at being secondaries. Come learn lightweight relationship tricks from the masters, like staying present for your occasional fling and avoiding the two-year secondary slump.

The Playa Poly Party, Friday 8-11pm
Calling all polyamorous peeps, playamorous partiers, open revelers, and sashaying swingers! Poly Asylum is opening the gates and holding an all-playa party for the less-than-monogamous! Come join us and drink promiscuously, dance salaciously, and flirt indiscriminately!