Who We Are

Pepper Mint

Pepper is a veteran Burner and a local activist in the San Francisco bi, poly, gender, and you-name-it scenes. You can read his work at Freaksexual.







Jen "Danger Kitty" Day

Jen Day

Jen has taught several workshops in the bay area regarding issues of polyamory. Happily, her graduated by BurningMan status makes it possible for her to once again enjoy the burn. Possibly due to some latent gene shared with hummingbirds and other pollinators, she seems to date a disproportionate number of folks with brightly colored hair.







Chris is a burner, organizer and glitterati who loves building community, both on and off playa. She’s known for saying yes, frolicking, and engaging in Dr. Badplan. Born with more than one person’s share of enthusiasm, she can often be found on playa at Greeter Station, or dancing sunrise sets.